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Visiting Beautiful Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful place to visit, rich in culture and artistry.
Madrid Spain
Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is located in the center of the Castilian Plane and at the very heart of the peninsula. It is exactly 646 m. above sea level. The population is about 3 million.


Madrid is also a business center, cosmopolitan city and houses the headquarters of the Government, Public Administration, home of Spain’s Royal Family and Spanish Parliament. This city plays an important role in both industrial and banking sectors of Spain.
The southern portion of the city mostly caters a lot to its industries such as numerous metal, food and textile factories. The city of Madrid is often described as having an intense artistic and cultural activity. it is also known for having a lively nightlife.
This city’s grand metropolis can be traced to its origins during the time of Arab Emir Mohammed I in 852 to 886. Emir Mohammed ordered the fortress construction on the banks of the Menzanares River. This later became a topic of dispute among Arabs and Christians until it was finally conquered in the 11th century by Alonso VI and his troops.


During the late 17th century, a defensive wall was constructed to protect the outlying areas. The wall traces were found on the roads of Toledo, Segovia and Valencia. After another century, arteries of the city were designed under the reign of Carlos III. These arteries of Madrid are Paseo las Acacias and Paseo del Prado.

Joseph Bonaparte undertook Puerta del Sol’s reform during the 19th century. A commercial street was built as the west and east avenue. The street is called Gran Via.

Gran Via

The extensions of the North and South Boulevard in Madrid known as the Paseo de Castellana were made during the late 1950’s and new buildings were built. These buildings became the home of several financial institutions.

Paseo de Castellana-madrid

The remains of the past mainly come from the neo classical and Baroque period from the 17th to the 18th centuries. Some examples of these structures are the Palacio Real and Plaza Mayor.


Plaza Mayor.

Aside from this, numerous hotels in Madrid provide discounts for tourists. Tourists can now enjoy their hotels without the worry of spending too much.


Madrid is a good place for holiday seekers who want to experience something different. Moreover, it has affordable airfares all year long. What’s even more exciting is that wherever you are, it only takes a few hours to get to Madrid.

Madrid Barajas Airport

International flights arrive at the Madrid Barajas Airport. The airport is situated 8 miles or 13 kilometers from the very heart of the city. There are numerous ways on how to get to the city from the Barajas Airport. One way is to take the “Metro” which takes around 30 minutes. It is the most popular transportation for the locals.


Another way is to get a cab or taxi. You can also take a shuttle bus. Cabs or taxis may be warm and comforting but it will take about an hour to get to your destination due to heavy traffic jams. Once you arrive in the hotel, the best way to explore the city is by foot. Madrid is well suited for walking trips. You will also be able to take a lot of souvenir photos.


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