Travel Resorts | Travel List Photo and Resorts - Part 2

Hotels from Movie Scenes

Jul 29, 11 Hotels from Movie Scenes

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There are innumerable hotels all around the world, some of them famous and popular because of their hospitality and grandeur while some are famous for providing a backdrop for some hit movies. Travelers, who visit these hotels instantly connect themselves with the movies and look forward to being treated specially. The hotel...

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The Amazing Oasis Of Crescent Lake

Jan 27, 11 The Amazing Oasis Of Crescent Lake

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It is a known thing that pilgrims and other travelers have traveled down the Silk Road for many many years. It is quite normal to think that they needed someplace to rest while walking for miles in the warm dessert. That is what the Crescent Lake has been for them. It has a oasis that is so beautiful they say it is seductive...

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Astana From Heights

Jan 12, 11 Astana From Heights

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Astana – the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan (since December 10, 1997). The city’s population of about 700 thousand people. The city is second in the country by population after the Alma-Ata. The city is located in northern Kazakhstan on the river Ishim in place of its closest approach to the river Nuroy....

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Most Beautiful Train Journeys Around The World

Jan 10, 11 Most Beautiful Train Journeys Around The World

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In today’s world, people only take traveling options when it is inevitable and unavoidable. Traveling is considered as waste of money and time. We hardly realize and comprehend the actual beauty of some of the most fascinating and spectacular rides on the Earth. There are some awesome train rides across the globe where ...

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Weird: Flat San Francisco’s Streets

Dec 09, 10 Weird: Flat San Francisco’s Streets

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The city of San Francisco is famous for it’s hills and impossibly inclined streets. But what would San Francisco be without its steep hills? Photographer Dan Ng attempts to “level” the streets of San Francisco by photographing it with a tilted camera, resulting in an altogether unique gallery of the city. ...

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