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Smallest Railway in the World

Smallest narrow-gauge road from the existing to date is the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway. Romney is located in England, more precisely in Kent on the southeast coast of the island. Track width of domestic railways 1,524 mm, the European 1435 mm narrow-gauge railways in the main 750 mm, the width of railway track Romney 381 mm. Old friends Captain JEP Hove and Count Louis Zborowski has long dreamed of building his own railroad, and built it. Rather it will finish Howe, since Zborowski, known in his time racing driver, died in a car crash. July 16, 1927 Romney opened. I propose to sit down at the station hit and virtually ride along this very narrow-gauge railway.

Initially, Romney was 13 kilometers in length, from New Romney to Hythe, but then increased Hove way for another 9 kilometers. Now on the length of track Romney is 22 kilometers. Romney, Hythe and connects the villages Dandeness. Railway is not only very popular among tourists, but is part of the public transport system. For example, children use it daily to get to school in New Romney.

Needless to say, that keeps the railroad primarily due to tourists, of whom there are always plenty. You can see for yourself, here is something to look at what to feel, and what a ride. Who does not dream at least for a little back to his childhood and ride the little train as an attraction in the park.

However, not all of Romney’s so toy. During the Second World War, the British Government requisitioned the railroad and used it to protect the coast, as Romka laid only a few hundred meters from the beach. There was even built the world’s smallest armored train.

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