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Floating Markets in Indonesia

Magic of colors and flavors in simple floating stands. Ordinary people, in ordinary boats bid their goods, rocking in the weaves. They worry how much they will sell… We can’t decide what leaves better impression: beauty of this unique place, or skillfully taken remarkable landscapes… Women slowly row, probably talk about what to cook, how are they children, what weather will be tomorrow…

Floating market is one of the most unique tourist objects in Indonesia. It’s located in Banjarmasin city, South Kalimantan. Locals said that Lok Baintan’s floating market is the first floating market in South Kalimantan. (Our comment unfortunately is: This market is probably the last one, since that kind of markets, in other locations, are replaced by the regular land market). To get there, you can use klotok (motorize wooden boat), car or motorcycle. But the best way to see this unique market is by klotok. There you can see the local farmers and traders making transaction on the river. Commonly, they sold fruits and vegetables… Because of the number of products, maybe you will think that this is stock market, but it is not.

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