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Caves of Huangshan

We all know China is a fast developing economy but do you know that displays some other place of interest.
China offers us some evidence that shows that humans may be great for construction. Indeed the caves of Huangshan which are loacted at 30 degrees north latitude in China, in Anhui province, near the famous Huangshan Mountain. They date back over 1500 years and bring more mysteries than answers.

With a length of 140 meters and an area of 4,800 square meters this cave (which is open to the public!) allows a walk of about 100 meters. Inside, there is a wide hall with swimming pools, piers and small rooms on each side. Visibly shaped by men, the work of its stone steps, walls and roof remains a mystery. In addition, no food scraps were found inside the cave, and no signs of fire: The lighting in the cave remains a mystery too!

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